Be Still

Day 9/31

Stillness – the absence of movement or sound.

When was the last time you were “still?” I am really good at stilling my body; sitting in the recliner or taking a little nap are things I can do easily and well. Stilling my mind is a completely different story. My mind is constantly in a state of motion.

I have had a dull headache for several days which is most likely the result of a few different things – my misaligned jaw, the rainy weather, the current political climate, and the threat of COVID-19. I realized tonight that there really is such a thing as information overload. I have found myself checking news outlets several times during the day to get the latest information concerning the virus outbreak, and since it has appeared in my county of PA, my mind continues to make lists of what I might need for an extended stay at home. I am certainly not in panic mode, but obviously my body is telling me that the media overload is definitely taking it’s toll on me.

Tomorrow I am going to invite stillness into my life. I am going to cut back on the news and take a few brain breaks where I give myself time to be free from movement and sounds for even just a few minutes – where the sound of my breathing is the only sound or movement I can hear or feel. Wish me luck.

7 thoughts on “Be Still

  1. -Beautiful. We so need to invite stillness into our lives – to hear our own thoughts, unmuddled, and the the breathings of our hearts.Yes, we are definitely on information overload; no wonder we feel weighed down. Well said, Rita, and so uplifting, despite all.

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  2. I am in the same boat! Trying to go into panic mode. My mother used to call me “Chicken Little” and Worry Wart”!
    So, yesterday I trimmed rose bushes and played in the dirt. Focusing on spring, yet my mind drifts back to worrying about our grandchildren, children and of course my husband and my Very senior in-laws.
    Sleep is in short intervals. Praying helps.
    So, today it’s off to PT. Another opportunity to stay focused on getting better in mind, body and spirit.

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  3. Oh, it’s so challenging right now to find that still. Every time I check Twitter, it’s like the entire world has changed! (Always for the worse too.) There are so many horrifying headlines every day that it’s hard to keep up, and the more I try, the more anxious I become. I definitely need to put the phone down. I’m going to try to get out in nature today and see how that helps. Good luck to both of us!

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  4. The overload of news had me wanting to rant and rave for my story yesterday. Just as I sat down to write my M-I-L called. Just sitting and listening to her worries and woes (ailments), calmed me down enough. Good luck with your quiet time. Your story made me think of ‘The Night: Nights and White Satin” so I’m listening as I write. 🙂 Hope your jaw IS feeling better. 🙂

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