Early Morning Treasures

Day 10/31

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.

Vincent van Gogh

I have been feeling a little sluggish since we turned the clocks ahead on Sunday, but over the last couple of days I have found a bright spot. Heading out the door an hour earlier has brought the most glorious sights.

Yesterday the Worm Moon was my companion on the way to school. First it was to my right weaving its way between and behind the the dark brown tree limbs still waiting to bud. Then it was in front of me like a lighthouse beacon leading the way to school. By the time I pulled into the parking lot it was gone, yet the memory lingered with me all day. I admonished myself for not stopping to take a picture.

Today, I was welcomed by a blood-orange sunrise. Again, it was peeking out from behind the trees like a blazing fire without the burn and destruction. I wanted to pull over and take a few pictures, but I had a 7:15 parent meeting and didn’t have much time to spare. This time however I was lucky enough to still see it in the school parking lot. I did snap the above picture on my way into school.

I can’t wait to see what wonderful sights tomorrow morning may bring.

10 thoughts on “Early Morning Treasures

  1. This is the time of the year that refreshes my soul. Whether it’s the sunrises or sunsets, I stop and take in the artistry of the pallet provided. Dimensions of color tones change second by second. Cameras may capture the moment but our memory triggers an internal joy of the moment. The Worm moon was spectacular. Thank you for sharing your peace and joy of yesterday.

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  2. I enjoyed this! “First it was to my right weaving its way between and behind the the dark brown tree limbs still waiting to bud” oh how many times have I regretted not stopping to snap a photo.

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