“Whatever good things we build end up building us.” ~ Jim Rohn

When I started to think about the word build, I began to think about the things I have built and things I need to build.

Things I have built

  • A marriage – going on 39 years
  • A family– husband, two children and their spouses, four grandchildren, and my ever supportive siblings and their significant others.
  • A career – over 30 years of wearing various hats –  elementary music teacher, middle school ELA teacher, college writing teacher, PD facilitator, tutor, writer
  • Friendships – a wonderful mix of high school & college friends, work colleagues, neighbors, PAWLP writing project colleagues, and of course my book club buddies – The Chapter Chicks.

Things I need to build

  • A better body – not for the look of it but for the feel.  Aging definitely takes its toll, but I can do my part to stay strong and healthy.
  • Relationships – with people from whom I have drifted.
  • An organized home – Purging things collected over almost 40 years can be freeing.
  • Reading stamina – I am working on decreasing screen time and increasing read time.

I am grateful for the people and things who have had a part in building me into who I am today, and I look forward to experiencing the renovations and remodeling that will take place in my future.

#Five Minute Friday



Five-Minute-Friday-4    This post is in reponse to the word prompt on Five Minute Friday.   // indicates where my five minutes began and ended.

My attitude is never to be satisfied, never enough, never. ~Duke Ellington


I’ve had enough!

  • Enough of the pain and suffering in the world
  • Enough of people feeling entitled
  • Enough of judgement
  • Enough of poverty in one of the richest countries in the world
  • Enough of grown-ups acting like children
  • Enough of people’s priorities being in the wrong place
  • Enough bullying and name calling
  • Enough illness and death
  • Enough of people not being able to see past their own initiatives to be able to work collaboratively
  • Enough of aggressive drivers

Enough, enough, enough!


What I can’t get enough of is…

  • My husband’s hugs
  • Phone calls from my kids
  • Grandchild hugs and kisses
  • Toddler giggles
  • Friends who support you through thick and thin
  • Students who are excited about learning
  • Sappy movies
  • Time to read
  • HGTV
  • Phillies baseball

Not enough, not enough, not enough!