Hourglass of Life

One thing I know for sure is that my hourglass has more sand on the bottom than on the top. This realization is not meant to be maudlin or overly sentimental; it is a fact. Another thing I know for sure is that my vision of life has gotten clearer (and not just because I had cataract surgery on both eyes). Here are just a few of my “visions.”

Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Yes, I have heard this all my life, but now that I am older, and people around me are getting sick and/or dying, it is really hitting home. Losing parents and aunts and uncles is very sad, but losing contemporaries is sobering. It reminds me that living every day and staying in the moment is even more important.

It is okay to say, “No.” I have been a people pleaser for most of my life. This often resulted in me being overworked, stressed out, or frustrated. There was no one to blame but myself. Now, I guard my time and energy and only commit to things that are important to me.

Not all people are meant to stay in your life. Over the years I have had many “friends” with whom I thought I would have long-lasting relationships. That isn’t how life works though. I use to be sad that I had not remained close with some of my friends, but I realize now that each person comes into our lives at a certain time for a certain reason. Not all are meant to be with us for a lifetime, and that’s okay.

Do what you love. So much of life is taken up with responsibilities and “have-to-do” moments. Not everything on the “have-to-do” list is of equal importance. It’s okay if I let the less important things go and do what is really important – spending time with my husband watching sports, reading, or writing.

The creation of this list is still a work in progress because every new day is an opportunity to see life through a different lens. The closer your focus, the clearer the view.

Good Friday

For the month of April, I am exploring various forms of poetry. Today’s poem is an Etheree. It is a ten-line poem beginning with a one-syllable line – each line increasing by one syllable ending with a ten syllable line.

Jesus Christ
A crown of thorns
He carried His cross
Through Jerusalem’s streets
To the hills of Golgotha
Hung on the cross between two thieves
Suffered and died to redeem our sins
Now we wait – for Him to rise from the dead

Post-op Day 1

Yesterday I had a cholecystectomy or in easier terms – my gallbladder removed. After having an excruciating gallbladder attack on New Year’s night, I couldn’t gamble on not having another attack before school ends in June, so I decided to extend my Easter break by three days and get it taken care of sooner rather than later.

Anesthesia has worn off
Head is clearer
So is the pain
Not unbearable – just
making its presence known

Coughing is tricky
Placing abdominal pressure
A necessary precaution
Changing positions
Done gingerly
No sudden movements

Dietary delicacies
Crackers and chicken broth
Jello and oatmeal
Tea and ginger ale
Keeps nausea away

Short term annoyances
For long term gains and
Maybe some fried calamari!

A Weekend Coffee Share Poem

During National Poetry Month I am attempting to write a poem a day. Some I will post, some I won’t. I am drawing inspiration from a number of online sources. Today’s poem is a result of a prompt given at #verselove on ethicalela.com. Kim Johnson, Ed.D. provide today’s inspiration when she told us to “imagine being in a small coffee shop among friends” who are catching up and to share something about ourselves.

Weekend Coffee Share Poem

If we were having coffee…
My drink would be black tea
or maybe a chai latte.

If we were having coffee…
We would catch up
on the aches & pains
of our aging bodies
which would morph into
a discussion about which
Medicare plan we were choosing
Since this year we will turn
That magical number 65.

If we were having coffee…
We would talk about our grandchildren
and expound on all the wonderful things
the loves of our lives are doing
and how full if life they
make us feel.

If we were having coffee…
We’d discuss the latest
books we were reading,
and I would tell you
to add Mad Honey
to your list.

If we were having coffee…
I would make sure
we got out our calendars
and made another “coffee” date
sooner rather than later.

Nature’s Warning

The wind whistles
its ominous warning
through the not quite closed
storm window –
a precursor
to the impending
thunderstorms and high winds
Nature’s way of telling us
to stay in
hunker down
be vigilant