Sweet Sunday Morning

Day 8/31

Best things happen when they are unplanned.


Short post tonight – still working on that weekend “to do” list.

Today we hosted an impromptu breakfast for the kids and grandkids. It was unplanned and wonderful. My husband called me from work yesterday and told me to see if the kids were available for breakfast today. The stars aligned, and they were free (all except my son-in-law who works on Sunday).

The table was full of food, and the chairs around the table were full of love. Besides having a delicious breakfast there were toys scattered all over the family room floor, laughing and giggling, pillow fights, music making, airplane glider flying, and a granddaughter reading to me!

This certainly wasn’t on my “to do” list but it will be on my “must do” list from now on. It has been too long since we all got together, and the grandkids had a chance to play together.

Breakfast was a unplanned part of my day, but it was the best part!

6 thoughts on “Sweet Sunday Morning

  1. I think your impromptu breakfast was the best excuse there is to put off that list until later. It sounds like it couldn’t have gone any better.

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  2. It definitely was! I like your practice of “high” and “low” parts of the day. It is too easy to get wrapped up in the low and forget to relish the high. Thanks for the idea!
    The older ones might say the don’t want to some day, but they will still be playing it their heads! 😉


  3. This sounds like a really “high” of the weekend. Each night at dinner, we play “high” and “low” – it is where you state your “high” part of the day and your “low” part of the day. On Sunday evenings (tonight), we play “high” part of the weekend and “low” part of the weekend. I’m dreading the day that the two older kids state they don’t want to play, but it has not happened yet. Anyway, this sounds like a “high” part of the weekend. Thank you for sharing.


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