ID Required

I belong to several Facebook writing communities, and I got this idea from Leigh Anne Eck. She is hosting a slicer party and to be invited you need to bring your “identification.” Leigh Anne used “Depending on When you Met Me” by Devon Gundry, Soul Pancake as her mentor text; I used Leigh Anne’s post as mine.

Depending on when you met me, I might have been:

  • a shy elementary student with a lisp who didn’t make the cheerleading squad
  • a Girl Scout who was a member of a competitive distance and slalom racing canoe team named Boone’s Bunnies
  • a high school bass player playing on the stage of the Academy of Music with the Philadelphia All-City Orchestra
  • a Burger King employee in an ugly orange uniform and smelling like fries
  • a young bride who married her high school sweetheart right after college and started a family a little over a year later
  • a music teacher who produced all-school musicals on a shoestring budget for 23 years
  • an ELA teacher who shares her birthday witih The National Day on Writing
  • a Nona to the most adorable four grandchildren

I love this format and may continue on my list in my notebook. Thanks Leigh Anne for the inspiration.

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I am participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge for the month of March. I will be posting every day this month. It is sponsored by #SOL21

12 thoughts on “ID Required

  1. I’m happy to get a glimpse into a small timeline of your life!

    You always put on an awesome school musicals! Happy to have participated in a couple! Lol!

    I think you were born to write tho! Having National Day on Writing on your birthday…it was meant to be!

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  2. Thank you for joining the party! I love all of these things I am learning about people. A racing canoe team – wow! I have a small fear of water, so I would totally freak out with this one. My heart aches about all of the funding cuts to the arts. Thank you for sharing your ID!

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  3. Wow! It’s fun getting to know you this way. Always interesting to consider all the identities we have in a lifetime. Thanks for sharing this. You’ve accomplished so much.

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  4. You had some cool experiences as a kid. The underfunding of the arts, especially theater, makes me sad. I like the way you list your identifiers. I think this would be a fun way to write a character analysis while teaching some important concepts.

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  5. Shoestring school Secretary meets Shoestring Music teacher on a traveling cart !!
    Boy did we have an adventure! We survived.
    So happy for you today.
    I have always admired your many achievements during your teaching journey.
    So many talents that not everyone knows about. Reflecting on your last school show in 2012. I saw part of the rehearsal and then left to be with my mother.

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  6. I love the idea and love your list. I am going to try this, Rita. I belonged to the Girl Scouts and never did slalom canoe racing. What is it and where did you do it? Appeal to the senses – and a great way to do a timeline!

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    1. We did open canoe distance racing on the Delaware River. We trained at the Philadelphia Canoe Club on Ridge Avenue and paddled on the Schuylkill River. We traveled for the slalom racing – Unidilla NY, the Brandywine. It was an amazing experience.


  7. I love this. Your list reminded me of things I could have added to my list…It’s amazing to think of all that goes into making us who we are. By the way, I’d never heard of a competitive distance and slalom racing canoeing. Fun to learn about something new!

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