Writing What I Love

I am a writer. It took me many, many years to be able to say those words aloud or write them on a page, but it took me even longer to come to terms with what I write. As a writer I kept trying to find a format that felt comfortable while comparing myself to my writing project colleagues who were successful writers of professional books for teachers, fiction, professional articles, picture books. I tried my hand at those genres, and actually had an article published in Today’s Catholic Teacher Magazine and an essay in A Cup of Comfort for Teachers. When I stopped trying to write what I thought I ‘should’ write, I discovered what I loved to write – poetry and essays.

Poetry appeals to my senses and emotions. It’s variety of form, freedom from/of conventions, and economy of words provide me with choices and challenges that feed my writing hunger. Essays are like having a conversation with a friend.

I am sure that if I worked at it I could write professional articles or fiction, but if I stay true to the voice within me, my focus will remain on poetry and essay writing. Those are what bring me joy.

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I am participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge for the month of March. I will be posting every day this month. It is sponsored by twowritingteachers.org. #SOL21

One thought on “Writing What I Love

  1. Wow! I can totally relate to this post. I, too, have tried various genres, but find that poetry, personal narratives and essays feel most natural to me. Brain match/name match for us, Rita.

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