Since Last March


Don’t just count your years, make the years count. ~George Meredith

I “borrowed” this form from Elisabeth Ellington who “borrowed” it from Fran McVeigh.

Since last March, I joined the gym.
The gym where I meet my sister on Monday nights for Aqua Fit class
The gym where I look longingly at the machines my body can’t handle
The gym where I walk in the pool & count the laps back and forth, back and forth

Since last March, I lost my mom.
The mom who was just seven weeks short of her 91st birthday.
The mom who never complained about her ailments
The mom who was happy all the time and grateful for the littlest things
The mom who inspired the hashtag #livelikelucy

Since last March, I celebrated the 1st anniversary of my husband’s quadruple bypass.
The celebration that reminded us of how lucky we both were
The celebration that took us to Lancaster, PA to see Jon Dorenbos
(the inspiration for the trip to the ER) in person

Since last year, I turned 60.
60 the age I use to think was old
60 that came with a new awareness of time
60 the age that I am grateful I have reached

16 thoughts on “Since Last March

  1. I love this idea for reflecting. I just posted my day 6 slice of life, which was an idea called Sundays Stills. Dani Burtsfield, borrowed it from Rachel at Finidng Joy. Loving reading so many writing ideas. I will surely borrow this for later 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

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  2. What a wonderful way to reflect. I’m, too, am sorry you lost your mom. Our parents are our best witnesses in life. I really appreciate your posts.

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  3. So glad you borrowed this one! You discovered such a powerful piece of writing through it. I am so sorry about your mom. It’s really something to have inspired a hashtag! Sounds like we could all use a little more #livinglikelucy! I’m excited to see others inspired by this and look forward to reading many more Since Last March posts!

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  4. This format is very timely. I am sorry for your loss and admire how aptly you express the preciousness of your mother’s memory. Continued health to your husband. Sixty is not old.

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  5. Love this format. I might “steal” it from you! I’m sorry about your mom. So glad your husband is doing well and you joined the gym and feel healthier!

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  6. Thanks for sharing this. I might eventually “borrow” the form also for one of my slices. It´s not going to be so pretty and powerful as yours but I like it the idea. Sorry about your mom´s passing. Since last March I lost my dad and can understand your feelings.

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