Unanswered questions aren’t threats: they’re challenges and catalysts. ~ Colin Wright

How can the student who never notices the homework assignments on the board
be the same student who sees the first snowflake and announces  it to the entire class?

How can the paper I looked for five times in the pile on my desk
be the same paper that showed up on search number six?

How can the earring that has been missing for a month
be the same earring that turned up in the pocket of my robe?

How can the outfit I put on for work and felt good in the this morning
be the same outfit I was roasting in by the time I got to work?

How can the bell bottoms and peasant shirts I wore in the 70s
be the same styles that are making a comeback 40 years later?

I don’t know how or why, but somehow they just are.

13 thoughts on “Questions

  1. Conundrums. I have one more: How can the gentleman who holds the door open for you at the Wawa be the same guy who tries to run you over when you try to get to your car?

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