Day Five Funk

sol #SOL18  Day 5


Try but don’t try too hard. Just try hard enough and things will go better. ~ Rodney Crowell

Don’t know why this is happening
All I want to do is write
Yet I have spent so much time staring at the blank page

Feeling blah
Ideas are alluding me
Very strange
Every topic seems lame

Find myself just flipping through other posts
Unable to get into a groove
Nothing seems to feel right
Keep thinking! Have to come up with a post for tomorrow!



7 thoughts on “Day Five Funk

  1. I think anyone who reads this will relate. I’ll tell you though, I’ve been reading others’ posts and have gotten some great ideas from them. One about a trip to Target (who hasn’t had something happen there?), one about Sunday morning breakfasts in an empty-nest household, one about waiting too long to say thank you. There is some great inspiration in these SLICES. Having said that, tomorrow will go better.

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  2. I know this funk…I’ve felt it before. Sometimes the story is right there. You got poetic and made it work. When I’m stuck, I love going for a walk. I’m usually inspired by nature or something that happened in the world.

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