Book Club by the Numbers


Dedicated to my fellow “Chapter Chicks” – my book club buddies!

What is the point of having a book club if you don’t get to eat brownies and drink wine? ~Jami Attenberg


10 woman

1 octogenarian

2 septuagenarians

2 sexagenarians

3 almost sexagenarians

2 quinquagenarians

31 children between us

33 grandchildren

1 widow

9 still married to their first husband

14 years of meetings

116 books read

4 moves to different  homes

4 authors we have met

1 girlfriend’s weekend in Avalon, NJ

14 Christmas parties complete with games and prizes


Endless bottles of wine

Countless laughs

A few hardships

Some tears

Many hugs and prayers


10 lifelong friends


2 thoughts on “Book Club by the Numbers

  1. This is a nice way to reflect on your successful book club! How wonderful they can be, right?
    I was at a funeral yesterday and someone reminisced about how they were so moved when they realized their whole book club had made it to their mother’s funeral. But of course!they would be there!

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  2. How lucky you all are! Lifelong book group friends are the best. I’ve been with mine for about 28 years and we have been through many life changes together, too. I ish you many more years together!

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