A Weekend Coffee Share Poem

During National Poetry Month I am attempting to write a poem a day. Some I will post, some I won’t. I am drawing inspiration from a number of online sources. Today’s poem is a result of a prompt given at #verselove on ethicalela.com. Kim Johnson, Ed.D. provide today’s inspiration when she told us to “imagine being in a small coffee shop among friends” who are catching up and to share something about ourselves.

Weekend Coffee Share Poem

If we were having coffee…
My drink would be black tea
or maybe a chai latte.

If we were having coffee…
We would catch up
on the aches & pains
of our aging bodies
which would morph into
a discussion about which
Medicare plan we were choosing
Since this year we will turn
That magical number 65.

If we were having coffee…
We would talk about our grandchildren
and expound on all the wonderful things
the loves of our lives are doing
and how full if life they
make us feel.

If we were having coffee…
We’d discuss the latest
books we were reading,
and I would tell you
to add Mad Honey
to your list.

If we were having coffee…
I would make sure
we got out our calendars
and made another “coffee” date
sooner rather than later.

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