Satisfying Saturday

I have been looking forward to Saturday all week, and here it is! My plans are finished; my trimester grades are finalized. No work this weekend!

Up early

Beautiful, sunny morning

Starbuck’s run

Seeing current and former students at OLM 5K

Checking things off my “to-do” list

March Madness

Reading a magazine

Date night with the hubby

What more could I need?

4 thoughts on “Satisfying Saturday

  1. That sounds lovely. Our Spring Break is just ending, so my no-work time is almost over. Tomorrow I have to plan (and give feedback). But… looking at your list, I realize that there are still many things I can enjoy. 🙂

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  2. Oh, Rita, enjoy every bit of your day! It sounds like you have a plan. The weather is gorgeous and the daffies are blooming. Date night – will you go out to dinner or take in a movie? Hope whatever you do, you have a wonderful time!


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