Found My Answer

So a couple of days ago I was wondering if I was getting sick or if my allergies were kicking into gear. Well, last night I found my answer. I was sitting in the recliner minding my own business watching the first quarter of the 76ers game, when I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye. NO! IT CAN’T BE!! Well it was – the beginning of an aura similar to the picture below. Now I knew that my allergies were to blame for my scratchy throat and sinus pressure, but just to be sure they provided me with a migraine headache to cap off my evening.

My head was ready to explode. It felt like there was an icepick chipping away at my orbital bone. I popped two Excedrin Migraine pills, covered my eyes with a black towel, relined my chair, and waited for the headache to start. It arrived right on schedule – one hour after the aura began. I finally went up to bed just before midnight – the migraine in tow.

Today I have the migraine hangover – head and neck hurt, but not quite as badly as last night. Unfortunately, staying home was not an option, so I spent the day trying to manage my headache and my mood. You see today was a dress down day for my (usually clad in uniforms) students, the beginning of March Madness, and indoor recess due to the rain – not the best recipe for a calm and peaceful day, but I managed to get through it.

Once that final bell rings, and my hall monitor duty is over, I am looking forward to heading home for a cup of tea, a blanket, and a nap. See you in the morning!

3 thoughts on “Found My Answer

  1. Oh no! It’s been a few years since my last migraine (knock on wood!), and I am glad to be rid of them. I’m glad you were able to get a bit of a grip on it but sorry that you had to go to work today. Here’s hoping that tea and a nap help. Sleep well!

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