Zooming Nowhere!

This morning I was running late for my monthly WCWP writing groups Zoom meeting. I grabbed my school hoodie and threw it over my pajamas (now the secret is out writing project friends), grabbed my notebook and a bottle of water and headed to the dining room where my laptop was situated on the table. Great! I will only be a couple of minutes late.

I fired up the HP and waited, and waited, and waited. My laptop decided to pick now as the exact moment it would do an update, and another, and another. I texted P. to let her know I was waiting on my laptop and would be joining the group soon. Then it dawned on me – I could join the Zoom meeting from my phone. Ta da! Faces!

When the computer was finally finished updating, I tried to log on – wrong password, wrong password, wrong password. Seems like three is my unlucky number today. I tried to access it with my alternate email, and apparently I don’t know that either. I was finally able to access and log on after requesting a text messaged code. Phew!


Next month I will be setting my alarm for an early wake up and give myself enough time to handle and technical difficulties which arise. My luck I will be able to log on on the first try!

Happy Weekend.

I am participating in the Slice of Life Challenge sponsored by twowritingteacher.org

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