March 15th

March 15 – the ides of March. This day is always associated with the death of Julius Caesar, yet for me it was always just my dad’s birthday. He would have been 93 today if he hadn’t passed away 25 years ago. I didn’t really have a story to write about him today, so I went searching for other things associated with March 15th, and boy was I surprised!

It seems that there is a holiday or national day of something or other every time you turn around, and today is not different. Did you know that today was National Napping Day? Now that’s a holiday I can get behind! It occurs on the Monday after Daylight Savings Time each year, and in its honor I dutifully took a nap after our early dinner. (Really I just couldn’t keep my eyes open and set my phone alarm to get up and blog before retiring to bed.)

Today is also National Act Happy Day which was invented in by Dr. Dale Anderson “in an effort to promote the health benefits of happiness, humor and laughter”. This had me scratching my head; is this another name for “fake it till you make it day?” If that’s the case then we’ve all had lots of practice with this over the past year!

One holiday celebrated today that I definitely won’t be celebrating is True Confession Day. It was “founded by Thomas & Ruth Roy of Wellcat Holidays™, True Confessions Day is a way of encouraging those keeping secrets (so let’s face it, all of us!) to confess them.” This couple has come up with over 80 holidays! They must really love to celebrate. I don’t find anything appealing about True Confession day though; some secrets are best taken to the grave.

Last but not least on my little research journey is National Everything You Think is Wrong Day which was every day during the days of parenting teenagers. I hope you didn’t make any big decisions today because they were most likely wrong according to the description of this holiday. But no worries, tomorrow is Everything You Do is Right Day (I kid you not!), so you can fix any mistakes you made today.

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I am participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge for the month of March. I will be posting every day this month. It is sponsored by #SOL21

2 thoughts on “March 15th

  1. Oh man! I missed napping day? I love hearing about all of these different days. There’s always something to celebrate if we just look around a bit. There’s always something to write if we just look around a bit, too. 🙂

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