Sunroof & Sunglasses

Today was a sunroof and sunglasses kind of day. My drive home from work was glorious! I ditched my jacket when I got to the car, and put on my sunglasses; I opened the sunroof, cranked up the radio, and let the cool breeze wash over me like a much needed elixir. Sixty four sensational degrees of sunshine.

Sights on the way home served as a hopeful tonic and helped elevate my mood. There were bicycles at every turn of a corner; riders from senior citizens to elementary school-aged kids were feeling the wind in their faces. Parents on street corners waiting for the arrival of the bus were without the jackets and coats needed the past several weeks.

I saw toddlers and siblings running and skipping on the sidewalks while the tiniest among them were happily being pushed in strollers. Neighbors emerged from their homes and were talking across driveways while kids played catch. What a wonderful way to end my school day.

I know that Mother Nature can be fickle especially here in southeast Pennsylvania. We may not have seen the last of the snow for the season, but I am going to relish this preview of Spring. It is good for my soul.

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7 thoughts on “Sunroof & Sunglasses

  1. It sounds like a beautiful drive, Rita! I love it when places come alive with people because of the weather! It was 62 here in Western Wisconsin yesterday. I took a walk about noontime and loved every minute of it Thanks for sharing your drive. I’m afraid rain is on the way as it moves from west to east.

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  2. That sounds like a glorious end of the school day. There is something to be said about sunshine, music up loud, and a view of the clouds courtesy of the sunroof. That sounds like a blissful end to the day!

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