Day 25/31

For many of us, life seems to be standing still. We are sheltering – in – place, working and learning from home, and missing our recreational outlets.

We have gone from being social beings whose calendars were probably overcrowded to people who are at home with nowhere to go. It is ironic that very often we complain about not having time to read, to cook, to watch a movie, and now we are home but too stressed out to relax. I haven’t been able to focus on reading my pleasure book myself.

Yet, life must go on, and it does. The seasons have changed, the flowers are starting to bloom, and babies are being born. People are still having their cancer treatments, shelves are still being stocked with whatever the truckers are able to deliver, and those who chose careers in medicine or public service are working the front lines to keep us safe.

When we come out on the other side of this pandemic, what I will try to remember is that although the world seemed to stop, life went on.

Stay well.

3 thoughts on “Life

  1. Because I’m stuck at home, I forget there are people out there who are making the world run without me. May God truly bless those truckers, doctors, nurses, public servants, etc, etc. They are keeping us afloat.

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  2. This is really beautiful in its simplicity. Thank you for reminding me that life does go on, and it’s so comforting to welcome the spring and the newness it brings. I hope we’ll be able to focus on our pleasure books soon; I’m having the same issue. Be well.

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  3. Well said. I hope it will be a long time before I take my daily grind for granted again. I would love to say never, but I am a realist.

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