Staying in Touch

Day 18/31

Since Spetember I have told my retired friends that I was a little jealous of their days a home, but I never wanted my days at home to be like this. My husband is still working (food industry), so I am home alone from 10:30 – 5:30 each day. It is just me, myself, and my chromebook.

I am busy getting lessons ready to post for online learning, and I am grateful for that because it gives purpose to my days. I still get up early, shower, and get dressed. I need to have some degree of routine. Besides, each morning at 9:00 I am expected at a virtual meeting with my principal and colleagues; I don’t think pjs are business casual.

I am thankful for that meeting because we usually meet each morning as a faculty before morning assembly. It gives us a chance to get highlights of the day and pray as a faculty. (I teach at a Catholic school.) This way it seems business as “usual.”

Tonight I tried recording my first audio to post to my 7th graders. Maybe tomorrow morning I will be brave enough to put the camera on! I never mind being in front of my class; I actually love it, but having to see myself as I speak to them is beyond uncomfortable for me!

I still need practice with the whole video chatting thing, so tomorrow I have a 1:00 appointment with a colleague to discuss our plans for ELA moving forward. Then on Friday, I am having a 12:05 virtual lunch date with the two colleagues I eat lunch with every day.

The point is, being home alone all day can be lonely if you let it. Even with all the work I need to do to continue the curriculum with my students, I am used to talking with other teachers, bouncing ideas off of them, and laughing along the way.

Remember to keep in touch with those who are important in your life. I am Facetiming with my kids and grandkids (who my arms are longing to hug), and trying to check in with my siblings at least once a week. I am texting with friends – sending random emojis and gifs which I hope garner a smile and some levity during this challenging time. So, if you are feeling lonely, reach out to someone, and if you’re not feeling lonely, reach out to someone who just might need an ear. Because like the quote above states – “unless we touch others, we are out of touch with life.”

5 thoughts on “Staying in Touch

  1. I think I’ve spoken to my colleagues more in this last three days than I have in the last month. We SEE each other daily, but we are always on the run from one place to another. This week I’ve actually texted, emailed, google met (?) and FaceTimed most of them. I really need to hear what is working for them. I’ve reached out to them and they have reached out to me. We always knew we were a team, but we’ve really proved it this week. I’m so thankful for your post. It made me realize how much I’ve leaned on those who are making it all work.

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