Taking Control

Day 15/31

Stress happens when you try to take control of your life experiences. Relax and remember the only real control you have is over yourself.


Today I decided to take control of my thoughts and actions concerning COVID-19. I am not a psychic or fortune teller; I have no idea what the days ahead will bring, but I do know that sitting with fear and worry is not productive. This is an enlightenment for me because I have always been a worrier.

My husband has us all stocked up with food and water. We will not starve (he does work at a supermarket, so that’s plus). We don’t have plans to be in large groups or expose ourselves to unnecessary places or people. Whatever comes our way in the next few weeks is going to appear whether I worry about it or not.

To that end, I spent today away from TV News and social media. I finished all of my laundry, sat and ate lunch with my hubby, and worked on my plans for online learning which begins tomorrow. After dinner I am going to make a schedule for my day tomorrow and read. These are the things I had control over today. One day at a time. One day at a time.

Below is a video my sister, Connie Eriksson, a pyschotherapist posted on her Facebook page. She offers some great advice for making your way through the COVID-19 pandemic. This is an early edition of her regular Monday “Live at Five” series.

6 thoughts on “Taking Control

  1. I’m looking forward to taking a day away from the news, soon. I’m not sure why, but even though I used my entire weekend to plan for remote learning, the news was on in the background. I’m not much of a worrier, but hearing the same things over and over is draining. Taking a day away is wise. I think I will follow that advice tomorrow.

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  2. I think sticking to a relatively consistent schedule is going to be key for me as well. I’m almost glad to have certain times I’m logging in to chat and work with my students. Keeps me grounded with some sense of “normal”– whatever that is nowadays! Sending you all kinds of calm and peace to get you through the next days and weeks. ❤

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  3. The first paragraph of your slice grounds me too, reminding me to separate the known from unknown and then direct my attention as much as I can on that first category. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. I relate to this so much. I’ve tried to make a “schedule” for the days ahead, but it all feels like it’s changing as quickly as we can make plans. As a fellow worrier, I really liked this line, “I do know that sitting with fear and worry is not productive.” So true. So very true…it’s a battle, but keeping that fear at bay is the key. Best of luck on your e-learning days!

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