Facing the Unknown

Day 12/31

Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

Joshua J. Marine

I am not finding this current challenge very interesting; I am finding it challenging. Today Governor Wolf closed Montgomery County schools until March 30th. Now, with our county having the most cases in PA, I thought this might happen eventually, but I really didn’t think it would be today. I have been bringing home materials over the last two weeks just in case, so this weekend I will be preparing online activities and assignments to push out on Monday. That is not what I am finding challenging though.

What is taking a toll on me is the constant news coverage, the run on supplies, and the thoughts of someone in my family actually coming down with the corona virus. Anxiety is getting higher, and patience is getting shorter. We are certainly in uncharted waters, and all of a sudden the swells just became higher.

I am not in a panic; I am just feeling drained tonight. I am hoping that life gets back to being ordinary quickly, and that I will be able to look for and find the meaningful in this unprecedented situation.

Be well.

13 thoughts on “Facing the Unknown

  1. Emergency meeting for my faculty tomorrow morning. I’m thinking it’s inevitable, so spending the evening thinking about what I’m going to send home and how I’m going to prepare my students to learn in a bit of a different way. Of course, I’ll be learning just as much…maybe more. Twilight Zone!

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  2. Yes, I feel you. It’s a lot. I listened to a podcast this morning (The Newsworthy) and it helped me put a lot of this coronovirus stuff into perspective, which eased my anxiety and helped me talk to my students. Best to you!

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  3. Do you and Shelley teach with each other? I know she’s got a closure now too. I feel for you!

    We are worried it’s coming further West. There’s no way to stop it so we all have to remain vigilant without losing our minds.

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  4. I hear you, Rita. This situation is very anxiety-producing. My husband and I are just staying in. However, I did go to a track and walk today…that really helped! Stay well.

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  5. My weekend is shot. The Chicago Wolves postponed all home games-I know I should think, well it’s for the best, but I don’t. I miss watching the boys, worrying about every point in the playoff run and (this is a little embarrassing), bidding on my St.Patricks day game worn sweater and the Curtis McKenzie bobblehead night. Hockey is the only sport I really follow and it’s helps me get through the week.I too hope all will be well and the precautions are worth all the hoopla. Please be well everyone!

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  6. I am feeling the same way. I know that this may seem callous, but I am missing the sports (college basketball and hockey). I don’t really watch any television other than sports. They are always on (even if it is just in the background as I do household chore or help the kids with homework). It’s something to look forward to at the end of a long day. Now, it is constant coverage of the virus and the facts (true or false) about the implications are becoming overwhelming. Thank you for sharing.

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  7. My school district has just announced building closures and a distance-learning plan. This will last three weeks, then comes our spring break.

    I see it as a precaution, though I wonder whether COVID-19’s numbers will ever compare to the flu.

    I predict the odds are good that we and our loved ones will emerge from this just fine.

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