My favorite sport is baseball, and there is nothing better than counting down to opening day. I really can’t wait until my beloved Phillies take the field, and I am listening to the crack of the bat. But until then I am making a point to watch basketball with my husband. I figure since there are only the two of us living in our home, we shouldn’t always be watching different TV programs in different rooms.

It is not like I hate basketball; its just not my favorite, but Chuck is my favorite person to spend time with. Watching the Sixers or college games together gives us another layer of things to add to our conversations.

What have we been discussing?

  • Why is Joel Embiid shushing the crowd?
  • Why can’t the 76ers win on the road?
  • Why do professional athletes complain when the crowd boos? Aren’t they being paid to perform?
  • Why can’t Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid get along and “blend?”

Now the answers to these questions are not going to solve world problems, but we like to compare our answers with the sports pundits. Being totally truthful – sometimes one or both of us falls asleep during the game, and we watch the highlights later! Togetherness.

13 thoughts on “Togetherness

  1. Hi, Rita. Hope all is well. I enjoyed this post because I often do the same thing. I’ll resign myself to watching basketball (or basically any other sport) not because I enjoy them, but because I enjoy my husband. Like you, we are the only two in the house right now and I’ve come to truly cherish our together time, savoring the moments and continuing a conversation that has spanned almost forty-nine years.

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  2. Togetherness in retirement is different. I get up early and make a list of goals. Typically, he has few items on his agenda in the winter.
    March Madness is about the only time that we watch basketball together. Getting excited about the Phillies this year.
    We love being outdoors together trying to maintain our small gardens. Today was a temptation to start preparing for spring. But, I have to hold back my enthusiasm and remember to take it easy as I’m still strengthening my core. Practicing patience.
    Aging gracefully together.

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  3. Great slice! My husband and I are Phillies’ fans and I can relate to your post! My husband also watches the Sixers among other sports teams. I’m not as into basketball, but watch with him because like you said we are together with the one we love!

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  4. Years ago, I gave up watching American sports on TV because I got too worked up. Now I have taken up watching European soccer, and I am not quite as excitable, but almost. And I started watching soccer for the sake of togetherness with relatives. I can relate.

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  5. Being a Phillies fan, I absolutely love this post. I will not lie that my favorite baseball memories are in the old stadium. I know that was when the team struggled, but I didn’t care. I loved watching them play the Mets, Rockies, Yankees, Nationals, and countless others. And you could get a cheap ticket next to the field.:)

    I, too, enjoy watching basketball, but I do not have any answers to your questions. All of the NBA teams have the same questions swirling around them. The “new age” players are too selfish – I miss Bird, Johnson, Barkley, and Jordan.

    Thank you for the post. Go Phillies!

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    1. You are so right about “new age” players. Sometimes I feel like shouting at the TV, “Just play the game!” Looking forward to a better season under Joe Girardi. I was not a Gabe fan. Go Phillies!


  6. Sometimes we do things not because it is our favorite thing to do but because it is important to the person we love. Hopefully, the one we love reciprocates by doing something we love that might not be their favorite thing to do.

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  7. Yes. I love this and can relate to this. Having that little bit of time together, just the two of us, at night to watch tv, hang out together, and talk and laugh is so important. I would always rather have THIS time and watch something that I do not love, than to go into the other room to watch my show and have him in the living room watching his. It is an important time to have with our partners for sure, especially after a long day. Togetherness is the best!

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  8. I enjoyed reading this and your thoughts about watching something on your own – I’ve been there and then the nudge watching together brings for topics of discussion. I wonder if your husband likes baseball as much as you and if he watches it for the same reasons you watch basketball.

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