One of Those Days


The cell phone has become the adult’s transitional object, replacing the toddler’s teddy bear for a sense of comfort and belonging. ~ Margaret Heffernan

Today was one of those days.  Nothing really bad happened, but it didn’t exactly go as planned.  I planned to get a good bit of grading finished before I left school, but emails and phone calls had me running behind.  I had a 4:00 appointment, but I wanted to touch base with my principal before I left for the day.  I stopped in his office, had a brief conversation, and left school with exactly enough time to make it to where I was going.

Halfway to my appointment, I realized I forgot my cell phone.  I left it sitting on my desk at school.  For a few minutes I was a little panicky.  What should I do? I don’t have time to go back, would anyone still be at school if I called?  I vacillated between admonishing myself for being in such a hurry that I forgot it in the first place and reprimanding myself for feeling so lost without my cell phone.

Luckily, when I got to where I was going, they let me use their phone.  Luckily, my colleague was still in her classroom and was able to retrieve my phone and leave it in my mailbox, and luckily the outside doors at school were still unlocked when I got back there at 5:15.

I am home, and my phone is safe and sound on the coffee table.  I think I have some reflecting to do on my relationship with my phone.  I can do that later…after I finish my grading!

4 thoughts on “One of Those Days

  1. Sometimes I wish my phone would fall into a puddle and be ruined. I dislike having to carry it around, but my work requires it, mainly because of the kind of distress that can come about in situations such as the one you described. I am happy it worked out for you.


  2. I would like to think I would NOT be lost without my phone, but I don’t think I could honestly say that. Hope you got some grading done!

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