Mary’s Son

sol#SOL18 Day 30          Good-Friday-Pictures

Today I am trying my hand at a 34-word story. Inspired by Kelly Gallagher and Fran Haley.

From Bethlehem to Nazareth she watched Him grow. Mary knew His life would change the world. Her Son. She silently watched as Jesus carried his cross to Calvary where He died for our salvation.

Whether you are celebrating Easter, or Passover, or nothing at all, I wish peace, and joy, and the feeling of hope that spring brings to us each year.


8 thoughts on “Mary’s Son

  1. Rita, what a beautiful endeavor, to commemorate Easter and to respect the beliefs of others in a 34-word story. Did you find the brevity of it challenging? I found it hard to capture big thoughts, big feelings, in 34 words .. but therein lies the power. I am delighted to know of this and to read it. Happy Easter to you and yours. 🙂

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    1. Fran, I did find the brevity very challenging. I would have probably spent more time revising if I weren’t under the gun for a slice. Thank you for the inspiration! Happy Easter.

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