Where Does Writing Hide?


#SOL16  Day 10

What we see depends mainly on what we look for. ~John Lubbock

Where Does Writing Hide?

  • In the billowy clouds rolling acros the sky
  • In the early morning giggles of a slumber party
  • In the smell of lilacs
  • In the aroma of homemade chicken soup
  • In 4th of July fireworks
  • In smiles and tears
  • In the death of a family member
  • In a child’s smile
  • In the memory of a first kiss
  • In an unexpected visitor
  • In a friend’s supportive phone call
  • In a whirlagig
  • In the smell of fresh coffee
  • In a new coat of paint
  • In a cyclone fence surrounding Fido
  • In a surprise party
  • In a bridal shower
  • In a baby’s first steps
  • In a favorite song
  • In an old prom gown
  • In a photo album
  • In the water droplets on a leaf
  • In the mellow tones of an alto saxophone
  • In the delicate notes of the windchimes

Ideas for writing are everywhere. You just have to look at the world with a writer’s eye.

7 thoughts on “Where Does Writing Hide?

  1. Today I am commenting before I post my blog because I needed some inspiration. I’m pretty sure I just found it. Thanks for helping me out. Great list!

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  2. Quite a list, thank you. Have you read, “Valentine for Ernest Mann” in which he says that poems hide? It’s lovely.
    I’d say you could make your list and then ask which one is the “pick me, pick me!” memory wanting to be written.

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