Operation Attic Purge

The last Saturday of every month is Operation Attic Purge. My daughter and son-in-law spend a few hours bringing down “stuff” from the attic for my husband and I to look at and hopefully get rid of. This weekend we tackled the loads of luggage that have been accumulated over the years.

Honestly, I had no idea how many suitcases and duffle bags were making their home up there…so many!!

I did know these were up there. Our first “adult” suitcases. We bought this “his and her” hard shell Samsonite luggage to go on our honeymoon. I think I may have had the smaller hard shell before then, but rounded out the set for the big trip. If I remember correctly, these suitcases only made one other airplane trip, and that was to St. Louis the spring following our wedding. It was a visit to see my brother and sister-in-law and their new baby girl. The luggage languished in the basement of our first home and in the attic of our current home never to cross the Pennsylvania state line again. They were replaced with soft-sided suitcases.

We ended up donating the salvageable ones (Samsonite included), keeping a few, and sending some to the trash can. We talked about the memories surrounding many of the bags and then let them go. It was a very productive purge.

8 thoughts on “Operation Attic Purge

  1. There’s something so sweet in the photo of your “honeymoon” luggage sets. I like how you focused on one Saturday, and one topic- luggage. And you talked about memories as you let many of your suitcases go. Marie Kondo would be proud!

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  2. I had a tan version of the Samsonite luggage that was used for many, many years as our one and only suitcase. I tried to donate it about 10 years ago and the local Goodwell said it was too old! Congratulations on your purging – I am sure you are lighter and enjoying the memories.

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  3. I love the feeling of purging stuff! I know this was delightful. Good to have the extra set of hands, bringing things down from that attic for you. Isn’t it wild what we store and forget? And, seeing it again, all these memories are unlocked. Happy purging! Thanks for sharing this…I am going through the same work, here at my home.

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