A Heart Overflowing

This morning I opened the pouch where I keep my earbuds and charger and found this.

My granddaughter gave this to me months ago when she was visiting. I asked her if she really wanted Nona to keep it, and she replied, “This way you can remember me even when I am not here.” My heart just melted, and I was a puddle.

Last Saturday I got to spend time with my granddaughters and this Saturday with my grandsons. I can’t think of a better way to spend my days. Each time I am with them there is something new to discover about them. Each time I leave them (although sometimes very tired) my heart and soul are overflowing. Being a grandparent is the greatest gift in the world.

What my dear little Izzy doesn’t realize is that bracelet or no bracelet, Nona thinks about her four favorite family members every day, and it always brings a smile to her face, a warmness to her heart, and a lightness to her soul.

4 thoughts on “A Heart Overflowing

  1. Rita, You did a beautiful job expressing the emotions and joy that grandkids offer. I loved the line, “I was a puddle.” Continue to enjoy these special little people in your life.

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