Happy Birthday, Lady Gaga

I will be the first one to admit that I was not always a Lady Gaga fan. The meat dress and her “Born This Way” entrance in an egg at the 2011 Grammy awards left me perplexed, yet the more I listened to her music the more I liked her.

The remake of A Star is Born introduced me to a whole new dimension of LG. Of course, it didn’t hurt that Bradley Cooper was in the movie – and oh, their duet!

After learning her story and a little about who she was under the shocking outfits and stage productions, I was hooked. Lady Gaga truly has a musical gift, but more than that she has a generous heart. She is always sending messages of self-acceptance. She is a champion of the LGBTQ+ community and mental health awareness. She walks the talk.

Gaga spreads a message of kindness, and she leads by example. Here are just a few.

2012 – Lady Gaga Pledges $1 Million for Hurricane Sandy Relief

2017 – Lady Gaga donates $1million’ to victims of hurricanes that tore through the US and Caribbean

2021 – One Last Time – concert with Tony Bennett – “Tony, we’re all so grateful to have witnessed your talent, your generosity, your creativity, and your kindness, and your service throughout all these years. Mr. Bennett, it would be my honor to escort you off the stage.”

2021 – The Power of Kindness Video – Lady Gaga discusses kindness, mental health and the journey to self-acceptance with a group of young people in a new short film. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=3393924860732409

2022 – Lady Gaga Discreetly Helped SZA Get Up on Stage With Her Crutches at the Grammys

2022 – ‘I got you’: Lady Gaga praised for touching moment with Liza Minnelli during Oscars ceremony.

2023 – Lady Gaga took a moment to lend a hand to a photographer who fell down on the red carpet.

So, on the occasion of her 37th birthday, I am wishing Lady Gaga a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Keep living your best life and inspiring others.

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