Through the Fog

Winter and Spring have been having a tug-of-war lately here in Southeastern Pennsylvania. While no clear winner has emerged we do have a recurring by-product: FOG.

Setting out for school on a foggy morning requires me to be much more vigilant than normal for oncoming cars and kids on the corner at bus stops.

When there is a thick fog with poor visibility, I am forced to see only what is right in front of me instead of looking too far ahead.

This past week I noticed a few things that I probably would have missed on a sunny day. First, there was my sighting of my first Robin Redbreast. The heralder of spring was perched on my neighbor’s mailbox post just daring me to take its picture. So I did! Just a couple of minutes later, a fox darted across the road in front of me. No time to get my phone out for a snapshot.

Today was again a foggy morning, and I was paying close attention to what I could see, or so I thought. I must have let my mind wander for just a bit when out of the corner of my eye I saw a deer on the side of the road. I don’t know who scared who first, but I gasped out loud and moved my foot to the brake pedal, and the deer stopped in its tracks, took a look at me, and darted off in the opposite direction. Whew!

My takeaway from these foggy mornings is to focus on the now, prepare for what might arise, but keep it at the proper distance until it requires your attention. Last but not least – keep your head in the game at all times.


8 thoughts on “Through the Fog

  1. I love how this reflective slice led you to some big truths in the end. Do you all get fog delays? That is the one positive with foggy mornings!

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  2. I’m up at the crack of dawn too. It’s the most beautiful and exciting part of the day. Sunrises are spectacular lately. Although lately, the fog or cloud that I live in provides waves of movement in the atmosphere. The birds dance across the deck and stare at the sliding glass door waiting for more seed. The rabbits are beginning to nest under the barn. Spring is coming. Your view in the morning is more exciting. Be safe ❤️

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  3. Rita! I haven’t seen your name yet, but I’ll be sure to pay attention and find it tomorrow! We’ve had the drearies here too. I’m ready for sunshine!

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  4. It is beautiful when nature decides to make an appearance during the dreary weather. That Robin is gorgeous, and I’m definitely jealous of you seeing a fox (I’ve never seen one!) Glad you saw the deer in time!

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