The Birds Are Back

This morning a backyard cacophony of chirps and tweets greeted me as I got ready for my shower. The birds are back to their early morning concerts, and that can only mean one thing – It’s Slice of Life Challenge time!

Thirty-one days…

  • of blog posts
  • of looking for ideas
  • of noticing small moments
  • of the stress of posting before midnight
  • of pushing myself
  • of reading other writers’ posts
  • of learning
  • of pondering
  • of growth

The list could go on. This yearly challenge excites me, scares me, and inspires me as a writer, a teacher, and a lifelong learner. I hope you will follow me on this month-long journey.


7 thoughts on “The Birds Are Back

  1. I am a new slicer, and your post hit exactly on all the things I am excited and nervous about! Thanks for the inspiration and feeling of connection. I also wrote late and am nervous about my ability to keep up daily. Sometimes, it’s the striving that counts though, right?

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  2. Yes, I am following you – and so glad to see your familiar face! This time in my life is filled with such a vast range of uncertainties, ups, downs and roller coaster rounds.

    As I read your lyric laden post, I felt that you were writing it just for me. It said everything I needed to hear and more. I’m sure that stumbling across it was no accident.

    Thanks for the literary booster (smile). I feel enthused and psyched to write tomorrow morning – before I feel like the day has almost gotten away from me!

    You gave me a poignant reminder of why I’m here for the fourth year in the row, no matter how crazy life feels around me.

    Such wonderful therapy in this haven of heroism – brave writers that bare their souls.

    Thank you for sharing your gift. I won’t forget it.

    Your Fellow Slicer,

    ~Dr. Carla Michelle


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