Discovering the Unexpected

Spending so much time at home alone lately has led me to make some unexpected discoveries.

  • The first weeks of the stay-at-home order were filled with almost nonstop TV viewing and trying to get my head wrapped around the situation. Now I limit my TV News viewing, but I still have no idea which news agency is reporting the truth.
  • The dog nextdoor barks – a lot!
  • I get more accomplished when I am wearing shoes.
  • There are “conversations” that take place during the day. The refridgerator begins to speak and the water heater responds; then the creaking walls and attention getting pipes want their voices heard as well.
  • Being caught up with the laundry really is possible!
  • While I was a little envious of my retired friends, these days at home are really long, and I REALLY miss my students and my classroom.
  • I dislike partisan politics even more than I thought.
  • Evidently I have ringing in my ears that I haven’t noticed before because my life has been too noisy!

I wonder what other unexpected discoveries I will make in the weeks (hopefully not months) ahead? I am definitely learning that I have taken some things for granted, have ignored some things, and have let some things fall off my radar. What unexpected discoveries are you making during this time of COVID-19?

Stay well.

5 thoughts on “Discovering the Unexpected

  1. The idea of unexpected discoveries is such a nice thing to think about. I particularly enjoyed your descriptions of the conversations taking place in your home. Your personification was so fun to read!

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  2. Hi,
    I’m just stir crazy!
    Attempted trimming my hair.
    Tired of masks, gloves and 72 in. Distancing.
    Tired of trying to find toilet paper.
    In particular, the constant reminder how many people have this disease and sadly how many have died.
    Maybe this is just a down day.
    Your post was certainly more positive.
    Trying to stay positive is serious work isn’t it?
    🙏🏼🙏🏼💙 JuJu

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    1. I hear ya! Finding inspiration is getting harder…or should I say looking for it. It is all around us. Some days are better than others. Hang in there friend. 💛


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