Security Blanket

Day 29/31

When someone loves you, it’s like having a warm blanket all around your heart.

Helen Fielding

Although we have turned the heat off for the season, there a some times in the evening when the living room feels a little chilly, so I have taken out a couple of throw blankets just in case.

One night last week, my husband questioned why I was using my blanket as I sat in the recliner watching TV. He was certain that it was not cold enough for a blanket. I just gave him a stare. Then he went on to say that he thought that I wasn’t really cold, but that I was using my blanket for security. He made me think.

This is the blanket I have been using lately. As you can see it is definitely an autumn blanket. While autumn is my favorite season, I usually put those items away before Christmas. But this blanket is special. It was given to me by my kids and grandkids as part of a larger very well thought out gift for my 60th birthday.

These days I really miss seeing my kids and grandkids in person and being able to give them kisses and hugs. So I guess my husband was right (don’t tell him I admitted that!). I am wrapping myself up in the closest thing I have to those I am missing the most, and being reminded to give thanks and count my blessings even when it is difficult.

Stay well.

6 thoughts on “Security Blanket

  1. I can relate to this posting. It’s always cold in our house. We each sit in our own comfortable chairs at night. Of course I have a blanket .
    I feel most at peace with a very heavy pink blanket that was once my mother’s while at the nursing home. Yes, it is my security blanket 💗 .

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  2. I have blankets on every couch and chair. I use them all year around…the best blanket is a security blanket. Especially, when you are quarantined. May your blankets hug you well.

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  3. We find comfort where we can these days. I miss my family too. Having that blanket means a lot to you, Rita. Your description of wrapping yourself up in that blanket made me think of all the ways that I, too, am wrapping myself up in security.

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  4. It is wonderful that you can find comfort in your favorite blanket. And there is nothing better than warming up under a favorite blanket. In these strange times, we need to have something to comfort us. Thank you for sharing. And I know, from personal experience, that husbands are never right. I’ve learned to accept it.:)

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