Safe at Home

Day 28/31

You will not be the same after weathering the storms of life; you will be stronger, wiser, and more alive than ever before!

Bryant McGill

It is a rainy day in Pennsylvania, and I found myself going through old magazines and cutting out words and phrases to use as writing prompts. As I spread the various magazine clippings on the coffee table, words started to pop out at me and take shape. I carefully arranged and rearranged them until their message took hold. I pasted them in my notebook, and the result is pictured below.

I am not “stuck” at home; I am “safe” at home.

Stay well.

6 thoughts on “Safe at Home

  1. I love found poems like this, and I actually got my snippets out today. I love playing in them. I got a couple “written” for next month’s poetry challenge! “Walking the walk” yes!

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  2. I love the words you found, I love how you put them together in such a meaningful way, and I especially love the message you wrote at the end. Beautiful! 🙂 ~JudyK

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