Losing “Weight”

Day 7/31

February was a really rough month for me. I had my last wisdom tooth extracted at the beginning of the month, and long story short, I had some complications. I feel like I lost the whole month to dentist visits and pain.

Now that the first week of March is almost over and we are going to lose an hour tonight, I am feeling a little overwhelmed and weighed down by things that did not get done in February. Last night I decided to give myself the weekend off from anything that was on my calendar, and take control of these two days instead.

What’s on my list you ask?

  • get my taxes completed
  • finish my grading – papers and tests
  • catch up on laundry
  • go through this week’s mail
  • outline some new writing projects
  • write some thank you notes
  • tackle some clutter
  • finish overdue birthday pages for my grandkids
  • spend some time reading my book club book

Now some of these tasks are more pleasing than others, so I am going to play my usual game – grade a set of tests – read a chapter of my book – go through the mail – read a chapter of my book and so on and so on until I get to cross everything off my list.

I am not delusional; I may not get everything checked off, but it is worth the try. My goal is to get as much that is weighing me down off my shoulders as I possible can and wake up on Monday morning and fly. What will help you to fly?

10 thoughts on “Losing “Weight”

  1. It’s the end of our grading period, and I am trying to get grading done that I am behind on! I feel that weight, too. I hope your Monday is much lighter!

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  2. I like your title, you give a different meaning to losing weight. For me, getting papers graded was the biggest weight to lose. Other things felt so much easier when that was done. I do like your idea of interspersing the more enjoyable things on the list with the more onerous ones. (It can take a lot of discipline to get back to grading or cleaning if I stop to read.)
    Hope you are fully recovered from your wisdom tooth episode!

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  3. Those lists never seem to end for me. Just when I get three crossed off, I have to add four more. So glad one of those is not hanging out at the dentist…at this point, anyway. Glad you are feeling better.


  4. “Tackle some clutter” – Isn’t that always on the list? This Saturday afternoon I had to write my post which seems to take exceedingly long, comment on posts, read my book club book, yes, which is due tomorrow, and clean up this living room/dining room/ kitchen area before 2 friends come.

    Good luck with your list. And hope you’re feeling all better.

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  5. This is your WEEKEND? You are one busy individual!

    Sorry to hear about the wisdom-tooth complications. I hope you are feeling better.

    Should I read anything into the fact that I only grew two wisdom teeth?

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