What’s My Role?

Day 6/31

We are all actors playing different roles in different phases of our life. But we must try to play each role to perfection.


Today my 7th graders were working on identifying prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections. Although I don’t remember the exact sentence, one of the students identified the word “for” as a conjunction, however in this particular case it was being used as a preposition. As a way to try and get them to understand that we identify words by how they function in a sentence as opposed to the word itself, I used a student as an example. I explained that Timmy was their classmate, but he was also a son, a brother, a nephew, a grandchild etc. That got me thinking about some of the different roles I play in my life.

I am a daughter – who made my parents proud by following the values and principles they set forth for my siblings and me through their words and how they lived their lives (most of the time). A daughter who did her best to take care of each of them as they aged – Dad till 67 – Mom till 90.

I am a spouse – who married her high school sweetheart and has been just in love ever since. (I never tire of telling our story.)

I am a mom – who loves her daughter and son to death. A mom they have made so proud by being good humans who weren’t afraid (well maybe just a little) to work hard and pursue their dreams and start families of their own.

I am a mother-in-law – who thanks God every day that her children have found such wonderful partners who love them like Chuck and I love each other and who make them perfect pairs.

I am a Nona – who loves her four grandchildren more than life itself – whose heart grew with each birth and continues to grow with each little smile and hug.

I am all of these people and more – a sister, a sister-in-law, a niece, an aunt, a teacher, a neighbor, a colleague, a friend, a Catholic, a musician, a writer. Maybe I will explore some of those roles in a later post. What roles do you play in life?

6 thoughts on “What’s My Role?

  1. I love this! It sounds like you love all of your roles, and I bet that you are awesome at all of them. I am a son (great parents who are awesome grandparents to my children), a husband to the most patient, smart, and beautiful wife, and a dad to four wonderful children who drive me nuts sometimes (but more of the time they don’t). All of these things help me be a better teacher (Better than what? I’m not sure:).

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