When Push Comes to Shove


Nothing has more strength than dire necessity. ~Euripides

I learned how to do two new things this because I had to.  First, the IT person at my school was collecting iPads to do some network updating. I was scheduled to turn mine in yesterday.  I had taken off everything and backed up most things, but I had a picture dilemma. Because of the way I had set up the iPad with my Apple ID all of my personal pictures synced to this iPad as well as all my other devices.  I had talked to my son-in-law weeks ago about how to get them off my iPad, and he told me to use my Amazon Prime account (which I am totally under using!!).  He was going to show me how to do it, even though he assured me I could do it myself. As you can guess, I never did it, but boy did I learn how to do in quickly yesterday, upload over 4,000 pictures to my “unlimited” space in their cloud, and get my iPad to the IT person before the end of the day.  Whew!!

The other thing I learned was how to stop telemarketers from repeatedly calling my cell phone to tell me I can consolidate my debt, or go on a trip to the Caribbean. I just couldn’t stand it anymore! I figured out (all by myself) how to block their calls on my iPhone.  Now you may be chuckling to yourself and wondering how I am even able to use technology at school, but let me assure you, I am more tech savvy than this post makes me appear.

Can’t wait to see what I need to learn next week!


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