Unexpected Blizzard


The only real things in life is the unexpected things. Everything else is just an illusion. ~Watkin Tudor Jones

Today we were supposed to get a Nor’easter that would bring us rain and maybe a little snow.  Well, it has been crazy blinding snow since about noon.  It definitely is blizzard-like conditions.   We did not get out of school early, so even going to the parking lot was hazardous. Lucky for me my principal walked me out to my car and a  young custodian cleaned off my car.  I work with fabulous people.

The ride home was treacherous.  I am so glad to be in the house. Once I know all my family members are safe and sound in their homes I will be able to rest easy.

Since I have a bad hip, and my husband had a quadruple bypass, neither of us can shovel snow. I hope one of my neighbors takes pity on us and shovels us out.  

I am making this short and sweet since I am afraid we will lose power and I don’t want to fall off the wagon on day two.  I also want to charge up my cell phone and find the flashlights and candles.

Wishing safe travels to all on the East Coast and a great weekend to everyone else!

4 thoughts on “Unexpected Blizzard

  1. There is nothing worse than driving in a snowstorm…unless it’s an ice storm! I am glad your power stayed on so you could make it through another slice!

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  2. I hope your kids are all hunkered into their homes safe and sound. If I lived near I’d shovel snow for you. At least it’s the weekend and you can stay home. Enjoy the white flakes from the warm side of the window. 🙂

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