Okay, so the hour I lost yesterday really hit me hard today on this dark, rainy Monday. But little did I know – today is National Napping Day! Bingo!

“National Napping Day was created in 1999 by a Boston University professor and his wife. William Anthony Ph.D. and his wife Camille Anthony created this holiday to spread awareness of the importance of getting enough sleep and its benefits. The holiday was meant to help make up for the amount of sleep lost when the hour changes. The date was chosen because studies have shown that people are already at their most tired and sleep deprived after daylight savings changes.”

I only managed a 20-minute nap after school before I had to go back out in the rain to an appointment, but that was enough to make me feel a little better. Most days you will find me napping at some point between the time I get home from school and dinner. On other days I nap after dinner – before I go to bed. LOL

I must have been meant to live in a country where mid-day naps are the norm. Spain has its siesta, Italy its riposo, and China its Wǔshuì. Do you think this idea could ever catch on in the United States?

5 thoughts on “Naptime

  1. Dear Rita,
    A nap is a critical part of my day. 3:00pm is when I turn my phone to silent. I need one hour to revitalize my mind, body and spirit.
    Yes, retirement has given me permission to take care of me. Your day will come. In the meantime, enjoy the enriching days that you experience in school. ❤️

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