Getting older is not easy, but it is a privilege not afforded to everyone. Today’s post is based on the format of one of my favorite books to use with my students, Fortunately by Remy Charlip. It is a see-saw story that moves back and forth between fortunately and unfortunately. So here we go…

Things they didn’t tell you about aging.

Fortunately, you have lived a long time.

Unfortunately, your family and friends begin dying.

Fortunately, you learn not to judge.

Unfortunately, you are often judged on your age.

Fortunately, you begin to want/need less.

Unfortunately, you start needing replacement parts.

Fortunately, your children become your friends.

Unfortunately, you need a secretary to handle all the calls to make appointments for your doctors and tests.

Fortunately, your grandchildren increase the size of your heart.

Unfortunately, time moves more quickly.


11 thoughts on “Aging

  1. Love your response to aging, and I love the book. My first memory of writing a story was in second grade when our teacher invited us to mimic this exact tale. What fun! Yes, “grandchildren increase the size of your heart.”

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  2. I love your reflection on aging – so much wisdom! I agree – aging is a see-saw (I just wish it wasn’t so creaky).


  3. I have this book in my most favorites pile and I love the way you used it to inspire your post. I am just recently feeling my age and reflecting on the “older” teachers when I was a young one. “Unfortunately, you are often judged on your age.” I wish I could have understood this better years ago. Now I get it!

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  4. The fortunately/unfortunately format is so perfect for this post–or maybe just perfect in your skillful hands. I love how you’ve linked each pair of fortunately/unfortunately. The learning not to judge/being judged felt like a particularly powerful set of lines.

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      1. Great getting together today.
        Some days are better than others as I age.
        I try to be grateful every morning. It is not given that I will enjoy living until 100 as my mother.
        Body parts wear out. Doctor appointments do take up too much time. Funny how I can eat the right food, take vitamins and still get sick.
        Time is moving faster every day. What counts each day? Certainly, my husband, children and grandchildren.
        My heart is very full with more love to give. These are my incentives to do a better job in taking care of me, mentally and physically, God willing.
        Love the list shown the author.

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