Do, Did, Done

Are you a list maker? I am. My “To-Do” list is constantly going through revision after revision and never seems to end. When things remain on the list for too long, feelings of inadequacy and disappointment start to seep in, and that is not how I want to end my day or week.

So in an effort to turn my days and evenings into something more positive, I am creating a “Have Done” list. I chose “done” instead of “finished” or “completed” because that would put too much pressure on me. I can feel satisfied and accomplished by validating the things I managed to “get done” in a day.

Here’s what was on my “Have Done” list for the past couple of days. No judgment, please!


  • balanced my checkbook
  • three loads of laundry
  • vacuumed
  • Watched my grandsons – had dinner together and played a variety of games


  • finished my lesson plans
  • returned a couple of emails
  • deleted over 2000 emails from my inbox (You won’t believe how many are still in there!)
  • ordered my granddaughter’s birthday present
  • packed my lunch for Monday
  • folded laundry


  • turned in my lesson plans
  • finished grading Opinion Writing introductory paragraphs
  • put away NJHS supplies

As you can see, some days were more productive than others, but that’s okay. Instead of having a negative feeling of not getting everything on my “To-Do” list crossed off, I can put my head on my pillow knowing that I couldn’t do everything, but I did do something, and that’s enough.

3 thoughts on “Do, Did, Done

  1. I love this, Rita. Great idea! I got a chuckle out of deleting 2000 emails. I thought I was the only one with a mass of emails living in my computer. I’m looking forward to connect on the the Slice of Life Challenge and also at Continuity Saturday (if my time ever allows it).

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  2. I have a planner that starts each week with reviewing the previous week, asking the question: what did you accomplish? I love starting my week’s “to do” list by revisiting the previous week’s “done” list!

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  3. I really this idea of a have done list. It takes the pressure off. Seeing what we have accomplished is uplifting whereas looking at a list of things to do can be depressing. Since everything we do takes a different amount of time it only stands to reason that a have done list will be longer on some days than on others.

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