What’s Saving Your Life Right Now?

Here we are on the brink of February – about halfway through winter. Depending on where you live winter may be brutally cold or warmer than normal. You may be coping with snow drifts and shoveling or longing for just one small snow event that covers your world like powdered sugar on a donut. Either way, winter can be a long dark, and dreary season.

I follow Modern Mrs. Darcy https://modernmrsdarcy.com/ and receive Anne Bogel’s blog posts via email. One of her latest posts was “What’s Saving Your Life Right Now?” and was the inspiration for my post today. In her post, she explains that she was inspired by Barbara Brown Taylor’s memoir, Leaving Church. Ms. Taylor was invited to speak at a gathering and asked for a topic for her talk. Her host’s request was “Tell us what is saving your life right now.” That inspired Anne along with some of her friends to stop each winter at the halfway point and make a list of things that were saving their lives right now because our lives reflect what we think about. What a great tradition to start. Each of us has a laundry list of things that are killing us, but do we stop and think about what is saving us? So here goes…

  • My husband, Chuck. We are going on 42 years of marriage, and 49 years of being together. He is my biggest champion, and he makes me laugh every day. He is my ultimate lifesaver!
  • My children and their spouses. The older we get the closer we become. I can count on any one of them to lend an ear or a hand whenever I need it.
  • My grandchildren. There is nothing that makes life wonderful more than their smiles, laughs, and unconditional love. Just thinking of them brings a smile to my face and a tug at my heart.
  • A cozy blanket. I look forward to snuggling under a cozy blanket each day to read, watch TV, or just nap.
  • Spotify. Music has always been able to lift me up or calm me down.
  • Audible. I have only recently begun listening to books on Audible, but I love being read to. There is just something so calming and wonderful about it.
  • Amazon Prime. Physically shopping has become somewhat difficult over the last few years and being able to shop online and get things quickly is a huge help.

I am sure that at any given time this list might change depending on the circumstances. Maybe I should make this a seasonal activity and see how different or similar the lists look.

I hope that I am a person on someone else’s list. I hope that I can be a lifesaver for someone by listening with an empathetic ear, speaking with a kind or supportive word, or sending a spur-of-the-moment greeting. I have been blessed with so many lifesavers in my life; I am going to be more purposeful in paying it forward. You never know when you will make a difference in someone’s life at the time they need it most.

5 thoughts on “What’s Saving Your Life Right Now?

  1. I was also touched by your line, “I hope I’m on someone’s list.” You’re on mine for writing a story that has inspired me to check out a new blog and has me thinking about my own list. 🙂 Thanks

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  2. I had a ROUGH Sunday. (One of my kids did something that was too unsavory to write about.) The thing saving me right now is my OLW, onward. It’s reminding me that no matter what happened, I have to move forward with intention.

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  3. Such a beautiful post. I love this reflective line, ” I hope that I am a person on someone else’s list.” So beautiful! I am reading Barbara Brown Taylor’s “Learning to Walk in the Dark” – I haven’t read her book “Leaving Church.” I love her thinking – and now you’ve given me another book to check out!

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