Am I Getting Sick?!?

Uh oh!

My colleague is absent
He thinks he has strep throat
Now my throat is scratchy
Not getting in that boat.

I am feeling chilly
And now my head does ache
Sinuses are yelling
“We’re here,” for goodness sake.

Pop some Sudafed now
I hope it’s allergies
Feeling kind of tired
It has to be the trees.

Have no time for sickness
I think I’ll make some tea
Hope that strep and Covid
Stay far away from me!!

8 thoughts on “Am I Getting Sick?!?

  1. Love the poem format! Isn’t that the truth that every time we get sick now we worry it could be Covid or something that keeps us out of activities for a while. I sure hope it’s just allergies and you are feeling better soon!

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