Almost Normal

Tonight was the first book club meeting of the Chapter Chicks for 2022. Eight of the ten members were present, and it was almost like the old days – the days before Covid – 19 put a hold on our in-person meetings. We tentatively made our way back to a few meetings in 2021, but Covid was always looming, and we were all at different comfort levels when it came to meeting in person.

Tonight there was a different feeling tonight – a lightness. There was good food, adult beverages, and laughing – lots and lots of laughing. Life is good!

6 thoughts on “Almost Normal

  1. Thank you for sharing this. And your book club’s name, Chapter Chicks, is so awesome! Glad that you all felt lightness and laughter. It’s so good to be able to connect in person.

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  2. I recently watched a video about the difference between moving on and moving forward. It was about the grief of losing someone, but I think we can use this same thinking when it comes to the pandemic. It sounds like your group is moving forward with lots of laughing. That is good for all us.

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