I Can See Clearly Now

#SOL 22

Since June of 2020, I have been complaining to my optometrist and optician that I could not see clearly. Street signs were getting progressively more difficult to read. I got new glasses in June 2020, then a lens change three months later, and another new prescription in June of 2021. Apparently, I had cataracts in both eyes, but they weren’t “ready” yet. Well, I was ready!!

When school started in September, I noticed a significant change in my distance vision. I couldn’t recognize who was speaking to me from across the faculty parking lot, so I would wave and say hello so as not to appear rude. It was frustrating not to be able to feel confident driving even the short distance between home and school; I felt like my vision was the same with or without my corrective lenses. Forget about driving at night; the lights were blinding. I was beginning to feel like Mr. Magoo. (If you are not of a certain age, you may have to Google him!) Thankfully, I met with my ophthalmologist in November and was finally able to schedule cataract surgery for January and February. Hallelujah!

Fast-forward to post-surgery. After having a new lens placed into my right eye, I was shocked by the difference in the vision between my eyes. Not only was my “bad” eye still blurry, everything I saw was cast in a yellow tint or glow. I hadn’t realized this before. I kept closing one eye and then switching and closing the other eye, it was mind-boggling to me and probably questionable to anyone watching me. I couldn’t wait for the second eye surgery!

The first time I could see clearly out of both eyes post-surgery was a day I will never forget. I was in awe of all the beautiful things I had been missing for at least the last two years. I was seeing the same landscapes that I had seen every day but now with literally “new eyes.” The bare brown branches of the winter trees against the blue sky were amazing; I could now see even the smallest of branches!

These “new eyes” got me thinking about how much of my vision might be clouded in other ways. Am I seeing people and situations in clear light or in some clouded view that I have learned to live with? I can’t answer that today, but I can work on finding out.

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.

Henry David Thoreau

I am participating in the Slice of Life Challenge sponsored by twowritingteachers.org.

6 thoughts on “I Can See Clearly Now

  1. This is such a reflective post that leads to a big question! I know cataract surgery is coming for me but they told me I wasn’t ready yet too!

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  2. WOW! I am suffering from my sight these days myself! I started wearing glasses in the 9th grade and every single year it gets worse, so I know how you felt with the blurry human beings around lol. I am so glad you had your surgery and hope you are recovering well. I also love how the ending shifting from sight to how we “see” things around us.

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  3. Wow! This is beautifully done! It is so nice to be reminded of the blessing of our sight, and I love the way you took it an introspective step farther at the end. I’m glad I ran into this today!

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  4. Rita, I love this. It is so well-written. You bring us right into what you experienced pre-surgery and how your world changed after. The best part was the point you made at the end — a universal theme we can all ponder. I had cataract surgery a few years ago and no longer need to wear contact lenses everyday. Amazing!


  5. What a great, thought-provoking comparison!

    I had LASIK about seven years ago. I remember that awed feeling of everything being so different in just a day’s time. It’s mind boggling!

    Thanks for sharing this insight.

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