Tired: Take Two

Strong but exhausted. | Tired mom quotes, Tired quotes, Hard quotes

What does it mean when you wake up in the morning thinking about how long it will be until you get back home and can nap or sleep? I love teaching and my classes, but there is no tired like teacher tired this year.How do you describe your fatigue?

Are you…

  • drowsy
  • weary
  • drained
  • sleepy
  • beat
  • dog-tired
  • worn-out
  • run-down
  • sapped
  • exhausted

How do I describe my tired? All of the above. Three school days until Easter Break, one is a personal day – I can make two more days, but the tired is real, and heavy, and telling me to take care of myself. That.is.all.


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I am participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge for the month of March. I will be posting every day this month. It is sponsored by twowritingteachers.org. #SOL21

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