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Getting up and out of the house has just gotten a little easier. What’s my secret? The sunshine of course!

This winter has been a challenge for sure. On top ot the Covid restrictions that have kept us at home, the weather here in Southeastern Pennsylvania has been cold and snowy and rainy. We had a string of snowstorms the likes of which we haven’t seen in years. Snow days just aren’t as much fun for adults as they are for kids. They bring worries about who will clear our snow, how will the commute to work be, will we lose power, how long to I need to hear up the car and on and on and on.

Over the last couple of weeks I have noticed that it is lighter in the morning; I am no longer going to work in the dark, and if I leave at just the right time, I may even catch the sunrise. This new found brightness has me feeling more hopeful in the morning. It is a little easier to cast off some of the heavy thoughts that can crowd my mind and weigh me down.

I love living in an area of the country that truly experiences the change of seasons, and I appreciate them all, but I am never sad to see winter go. Spring brings sunnier days, increasing temperatures, and the chance to get outside. March is bringing brighter days closer to vaccines for all – closer to me getting back to the real sunshine of my life – my grandkids. Slowly but surely – each day better than the one before. In the meantime – bring on the sun.

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7 thoughts on “Mood Booster

  1. Your words “This new found brightness has me feeling more hopeful in the morning” resonated with me. The light in the sky is bringing joy to my heart, too. Where I live in St. Louis, we usually have this snap of “spring” and then we get hit with winter again before true spring arrives. I’m wondering if it’s like that where you live or if your region gets a more gradual, normal progression into spring?

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  2. This is my first winter in Detroit, and I couldn’t believe how little sunshine and blue sky there is from November to February! I love snow, but endless days of grey dreary skies bring me down! I’ve felt so energized this past week with all the sunshine. The longer days and blue skies really help.

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  3. I left Northern Montana for Southern California in search of sun all year. However, I do remember how energizing it was coming out of the dark winter and into the light of spring. It was an amazing feeling knowing you made it through and there was such promise ahead.

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  4. Love it and I can totally relate! The sun has been coming out more in Alabama as well, and now that I work from home I’ve been able to take my laptop to the deck and work right in a spotlight of sunshine. I’m so glad it is making your days (and mood) better! 🙂

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  5. Rita,
    The sun here too has been so welcoming and mood-boosting! Our skies have been cloudless with bright sunshine for the last two days in a row. Today’s high was 52! Gorgeous! Southeastern PA is a beautiful area of the country. I am glad the longer days and sunshine help you to take in all the beauty!

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