So yesterday I had a telehealth appointment after school. It was a yearly check-in, and I was meeting a new doctor for the first time. I made this appointment about a month or so ago, and the doctor’s name kept swirling around in my head. His name seemed familiar, but I couldn’t place it, so the Nancy Drew in me took over. (All names and specialties will remain anonymous to comply with HIPPA protocols…lol)

I searched the practice’s website where I found his first name and a picture. Now the name became more familiar, but I was in denial. I don’t know how I remembered, but I was almost certain I had taught a boy/young man early on in my career as a music teacher with this same name (it is not a common name). Well, I searched Facebook, but people change a lot over 30 years especially from childhood to adulthood. I still wasn’t sure.

I then remembered that he would be about the same age as the children of friends of mine whom I taught said school”. I messaged one of the “kids” (an adult with children of her own), and she confirmed my suspicion. This good doctor was in the same class as her older brother.

Now I wasn’t sure how I was going to insert my random question into the appointment, but I figured I would find the appropriate time. We exchanged pleasantries and Dr. H. asked me different questions and how things were going in life in general. I mentioned that I was teaching both in-person and virtually at the same time and how exhausting that situation could be, but how grateful I was to be in my classroom with students.

The appointment was about to wrap up when Dr. H. asked if he could ask a random question. I told him that it was probably the same random question I had for him. He asked, “Did you ever teach at St. James?” I replied that I did. He said, “I think you taught me music.” I replied, “I think you’re right!”

We chatted for a little while longer, and just as we were going to log off, Dr. H. said, “When I think of myself at that age and how I could have been in class with a music teacher – I wasn’t ‘that kid’ was I?” I laughed and replied, “Absolutely not!”

I am always happy to connect with former students even when the connection reminds me of just how old I am. What was special about yesterday was I didn’t have to ask my random question; he remembered me, and that felt good.


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4 thoughts on “Serendipty

  1. It is such a thrill when a previous student remembers you! I have always taught primary grades and the when they grow up, they rarely still look like they did when I had them. I usually recognize a tiny familiarity, but I can’t place the student or name and I always feel a bit bad about that. Reading that you had to do some detective work to identify an old student made me glad I’m not the only one.

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  2. I love that he asked the question before you got the chance to! Being remembered is always a good feeling. This post made me smile. Thank you for sharing!

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