Languishing in a Creative Desert

Your perspective will either become your prison or your passport.

Steven Furtick

Covid has taken its toll on my life in many ways. Thank goodness my family and I remain healthy, but I don’t feel “well” in other ways.  I have lost my creative drive.  I cannot focus on a book for pleasure and my “free time” is often spent watching TV – Hallmark Movies, reruns of Shark Tank, and Guy’s Grocery Games.  I realize that these programs need very little real attention since they are a set format, which is good because my attention span is minuscule.  I am not faring much better in my writing life either as my last blog post was almost three months ago.  

A few days ago, one of my former students posted a video message on Facebook, and the student became the teacher.  Michelle Trifiletti. regularly shares experiences from her journey through life with her followers.  One of her followers made the statement that she wished she had her life “figured out” the way Michelle does.  Michelle took to Facebook to assure us she doesn’t have it all “figured out;” she just has a different perspective. Michelle went on to explain that “things don’t happen to you; they happen for you. They are all in God’s plan to make us into the person we are meant to be  – to learn the lessons we are supposed to learn  to be able to help the people we are supposed to help.” 

Michelle made me realize that it all comes down to trust – trust in the journey –  trust in the process.  As adults we want to be in control; we want to plan and execute the plan; we want to get a certain result.  You would think that by the ripe old age of 62, I would know that control is overrated and plans are meant to be changed, but sometimes we need a reminder. 

So today I am changing my perspective. Maybe I wasn’t languishing in a “creative desert” but rather in a short “hibernation” resting up for a restart and a new adventure. Perhaps all the reasons that I couldn’t focus on reading or writing were happening for me so I could focus on other things that needed my attention. Regardless, I am going to stop trying to figure it out and remember to trust the process.

Thanks, Michelle!

7 thoughts on “Languishing in a Creative Desert

  1. Yes, I’m sitting in the same boat with you, finding it really hard to feel inspired to write…with the thought, “Who really cares if I write about blah, blah, blah. But then I think, “The writing is for me, of which I choose to share with others.” So I’m hoping to share a story this week. Love your honesty in your stories, as it makes them real. 🙂

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    1. “The writing is for me, of which I choose to share with others.” I LOVE THIS!!!

      Thanks for the reminder to stop worrying about my perceived readers and just write for me!


  2. Rita, welcome back! This is beautiful, and yes, you are back with this post. Welcome! I can relate in so many ways. Of all the chapters in my life when I thought I would be devouring all the books on my shelf, I have read so few of them. I also share the same age with you. To pass the time, instead of watching shows, I do a lot of doom-scrolling and watching too much news. However, it is all at the expense of my reading and writing life. I’m glad you had a rest, and now you are back.

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  3. So many of us have fallen into a rut we can’t seem to get out of because of how long this has been going on. I totally agree that changing our perspective is the key. Looking at things from a different angle can recharge us. Time to leave the desert behind and head of the oasis.

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  4. I love your last paragraph and the idea that you were in a hibernation! I really believe so much that it’s not what happens to us but how we react to what happens to us….perspective and mindset really do matter.

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