Perenial Hope

Day 21/31

Where flowers bloom so does hope.

Lady Bird Johnson

Today I worked from my second purchase of the week, How to Draw Almost Everything by Chika Miyata. I choose to try my hand at drawing some flowers. Some turned out looking like the examples in the book – some not so much.

I choose to start with flowers in honor of Spring. Seeing people post pictures of the flowers popping up in their gardens was my inspiration. Spring is a time of new life; the trees budding and flowers blooming bring splashes of color to the brown canvas of winter. My sketches inspired this poem.

Perenial Hope

Flowers push their way up 

from under the once hard winter ground

stretching towards the sun.

No matter how cruel the winter weather,

even if some snow remains,

flowers make their appearance.

Signs of new life cyclically bloom

to remind us to reach up 

and search for the light.

When life casts shade on your plans

look to the flourishing flowers

as a guide to enduring hope.

I wish you enduring hope. Stay well.

8 thoughts on “Perenial Hope

  1. How about it! Another talent revealed. Your illustrations get an A+ as well as the poem.
    Make sure you sign the art and get it framed.
    Stay strong and healthy. ❤️

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  2. Just beautiful, Rita I needed your poem today. Loved “…to remind us to reach up and search for the light.” I should copy your poem and place on my fridge so I can read it every day. Thank you for your wise words.

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  3. Those are great flowers! How fun to challenge yourself to something new. The picture and the poem make me long for summer. I wouldn’t mind skipping the rain of spring.

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