Looking Around

Day 20/31

Today I spent some time in my new book, Old Friend from Far Away, by Natalie Goldberg. The first exercise, Go, was to spend time writing “I am looking at…”

So as I looked around from my place on the couch, these are some of the things that I was looking at…

  • My neighbors social distancing in a circle in the cul-de-sac enjoying this almost 80 degree afternoon
  • Normally empty driveways filled with cars
  • Small decorative flags blowing in the breeze while my flag holders remaing barren
  • My coffee table devoid of the week’s mail
  • Tiny bottles of hand sanitizer – the peach bellini is my favorite
  • Pictures of my grandkids who I haven’t hugged in a couple of weeks
  • My purse which has been in the same spot since I last left the house a week ago.

Being home all day, I am beginning to notice things that I have been missing during my “normal” life. The life that had me zipping in and out of my home like a tourist – back for dinner and sleep after a day of exploring. I am hoping to spend these days of self-isolating getting to know my home again. It certainly could use some TLC. I am hoping to get to do some things that normally get pushed to summer when I have more time.

I am looking at all the things that we have amassed over the 30 years we have lived here. Some hold cherished memories while other just hold dust. Having more time on my hands has given me the opportunity to see things that have totally gone unnoticed – things like how my bath towels are getting a little ratty around edges.

In the spirit of looking for the little things, I am going to reframe my self-isolating as rediscovering.

Stay well.

3 thoughts on “Looking Around

  1. Maybe this time apart (six feet apart) will help us find all the little things we take for granted. All the things we see every day, but don’t realize how meaningful they are.

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